Fitbits gain popularity amongst EHS students

Fitbits gain popularity amongst EHS students

Emily Zimmerman

Fitbits are an ever-growing trend among fitness fiends everywhere, even in the halls of Emmaus High School.

Fitbits are a watch-like device that go around a persons wrist and track things like how many steps they take, how much water they drink, and quality of sleep. The device is water resistant and meant to be worn 24-hours a day.

While this device is most popular among adults, some students choose to wear one in order to achieve better fitness.

Freshman Natalie Mattix wears her Fitbit to keep track of her fitness and keep her moving.

“Its nice to have to know that you’re actually making progress,” said Mattixx.

Mattix has a goal of 10,000 steps a day and on most weekdays at school she meets her goal. According to Mattix, she feels like it has a positive effect on her overall fitness and feels that more students should wear one to maintain healthiness.

“It gets me more motivated to run,” Mattix said, “and tracking my water intake and calorie intake as well.”

Freshman Anthony Howorth wears his Fitbit because he thinks its nice to keep track of how many steps he takes and it helps him to maintain a goal to keep him motivated.

Howorth has a goal of 15,000 steps a day, but strives for at least 10,000 on the days when he knows he wont reach his goal.

“It helps you keep track of [your fitness],” said Howorth, “and makes you want to exercise more to hit the goal.”

Fitbits create a way for someone to maintain a record of their activity and be aware of their habits. Students hopping on the Fitbit bandwagon are experiencing positive results with this new fitness tool, and having a more positive and motivated fitness experience.