A clown catastrophe


Clowns have taken over our lives — or so it seems.

Whether you are scrolling through your Facebook feed or reading The Morning Call, it is inevitable that you have come across something related to our spooky (or creepy) friends.

But since it’s Halloween, who knows if you’ll even see a lot of Krusty faces walking around the neighborhood.

Earlier this month, Target announced that it was pulling clown costumes from its shelves in light of the recent rash of clown sightings across the nation. Meanwhile, one Halloween chain store reported a 239 percent increase in the sale of clown costumes. But a rising number of schools as well as town and city officials have also joined in, asking parents to not allow their children to dress up as clowns for parties and parades.

Recently on Twitter, Emmaus senior Aarman Sethi posted a tweet regarding clowns. His tweet received 373 likes and 103 retweets.

For those of you who didn’t get the opportunity to view the tweet, it said “These clown sightings aren’t anything new. The majority of you girls been dating them for years.”

Sethi agreed that the clown issue is a danger to teenagers everywhere.

“I know that I like many others are terrified about the situation,” said Sethi. “Honestly my dad and I were just having a conversation about the clown issue. One thing led to another and this tweet was born.”

Everyone handles fear differently. In this case Sethi used satire to cope with his feelings.

“I guess it was made to give comical relief to an otherwise serious issue,” said Sethi.

People across the country have reported seeing clowns, leading to some arrests due to pranks. As of now, no actual “clown attacks” have occurred. That hasn’t quelled everyone’s fears.

“I think it is a matter of time before a major clown attack happens,” junior Chris Smith said. “This topic is only becoming more popular as time goes by.”

In Pottsville, Police Chief Richard Wojciechowsky characterized one recent clown sighting as a prank.

Wojciechowsky said, “Two knuckleheads with clown-like clothes on” hopped out of a pickup truck and yelled at a group of young children and teenagers.

Earlier this month, an alleged clown sighting at Penn State University’s main campus prompted hundreds of students to storm the campus, some with tennis rackets at they tried to hunt down the alleged clowns.

“Personally, I haven’t seen any clowns, neither has anyone I know, but from what I heard, a clown was seen on the East Hills lawn,” said Penn State junior KJ Meade, an Emmaus graduate.

“Everyone has taken it pretty lightly,” Meade said. “It was something people took for humor the other night when all those people were out chasing the clown. I’d say we’re all not thinking too much about it.”

Photo courtesy of www.abc7chicago.com.