Celebrating Fall: How popular is it at EHS?


With the excitement of football season, cozy seasonal drinks, and the beauty of the leaves as they change color, fall has something to offer for everyone. Photo by Meliha Anthony.

Meliha Anthony, Former Photo Editor

Fall is finally upon us, bringing pumpkin spice to cafes, color to the trees, and the joy of sweater weather and fuzzy socks to people everywhere. 

Many polls show that fall is very popular among Americans. Several polls suggest that between 27 and 29 percent of Americans name fall as their preferred season, with spring winning first place with 36 percent, only a slightly higher rating than fall. But with the excitement of football season, cozy seasonal drinks, the beauty of the leaves as they change color, and fall-specific fashions, fall has something to offer for everyone. Spring might be the season representing growth and new beginnings, but fall has symbolic meaning too. For many people, it is the season of change and comfort, as well as the beauty of letting go.

With the onslaught of articles about fall fashions, favorite seasonal drinks, things to love about fall, and countless others that pop up around this time each year, one has to wonder about how popular fall is within the walls of Emmaus High School. The various opinions express the wide range of reasons to love the fall season.

Junior Ayanna Jones likes multiple things about fall, because to her, it represents festivity and family time.

“I have these cute fall shoes, sweaters, and everything,” Jones said. “I like going to the pumpkin patch with my niece, and my birthday’s in the fall.”

Dave Iobst, a teacher at EHS, looks forward to fall because of football season, and no longer needing to cut the grass.

“I don’t have to cut the grass anymore, and I get to break out the sweatshirts,” Iobst said with a smile. About his favorite seasonal drinks, he said, “If it doesn’t relate to fall, then yes, I love seasonal drinks— I only like the summer ones.” 

For others, like teacher Laurie Furry, the beauty of fall lies within all the unique things it encompasses.

“I love the fall foliage, the temperature— it’s not too hot or too cold. I also love all the holidays: Halloween, and Thanksgiving,” Furry said.

Mina Mack, a senior at EHS, has a similar view, especially regarding the appeal of the outdoors during the fall season.

When asked about what she likes about fall, Mack said, “Everything. I like the colors, I love watching the trees change. I do like colder weather.”

Hall monitor Tanya Cunningham gave a reminder that fall is only the beginning of the festivity of this time of year.

“I find fall to be the most aesthetic season,” Cunningham said. “Although I also love everything about the Christmas season.”