Retiring Teacher: Andrew Moxey


Photo courtesy of Alice Adams.

Elliot Munson, Former Culture Editor

This previously ran in our 2022 June Senior Issue.

After teaching at Emmaus for 34 years, Andrew “Mox” Moxey has left a lasting impact on his students, often being seen as one of their favorite teachers for his approachable demeanor and fun attitude towards class. 

After graduating from Millersville University and spending a brief stint teaching at Southern Lehigh Middle School, Moxey taught a variety of classes at Emmaus High School in the fields of graphic design and photography. Photography may well be what he is best known for, but he also has graphics, drafting and design, and print media under his belt. 

“Years ago, it was visual communications,” Moxey said, illustrating the variety of classes he teaches within his field. 

Even outside of school, he pursues similar interests. 

He prints his own T-shirts at home as a side-hustle, as well as making sure club members at Emmaus always have the latest and greatest T-shirts to represent their high school when they travel the nation for competitions. And in return? All he asks for is a little more friendliness between teachers, so to speak. 

His fun-loving nature doesn’t just stop with the faculty, and he always delivers a thoroughly enjoyable experience to his students, as well. He always makes sure to have flexibility in his classes to ensure everyone can learn what works for them, teaching students not only how to use a camera or an Adobe program, but also how to think on their feet and to be adaptable. 

Even outside of normal classes, he has advised the yearbook, Tattler, each and every year, putting together a book that somehow manages to encapsulate all of Emmaus on its pages. 

“Over the years, I’ve learned to listen to the students more, hearing their thoughts and stuff,” Moxey said. 

Truly, anyone who has had a class with him will agree. He’s the first one to propose a changed project to help out a student, or give a little extra work to someone who wants to challenge themselves. 

And, still on school grounds but outside of the classroom, Moxey has been deeply involved with the athletic department at Emmaus. He has helped recruit workers for games as well as worked them himself. He’s coached a few sports, including his work as an assistant field hockey coach. 

One of his highlights included his time as the track coach, perhaps his most notable contribution since Moxey was a strong runner on the team when he was an EHS student during the 1980s.