Drama department ready to open spring musical


Rania Draklellis

The drama departments spring musical is days from opening, and seniors Cathy Ritter and Victoria Reichelderfer couldn’t be more excited.

Once Upon a Mattress, based off the fairytale story of the Princess and the Pea, offers young children and adults outstanding dance numbers like The Spanish Panic, and sweet ballads like Goodnight, Sweet Princess.

Reichelderfer portrays Queen Aggravain, who creates a seemingly impossible test to find a girl worthy of marrying her son, Prince Dauntless the Drab, played by senior Nick Quinn.

“[Queen Aggravain]’s really mean but in a crazy way,” Reichelderfer said. “She’s totally irrational and everything is always about her. Most of what she does is completely unjustified, so coming up with motivations for her actions can be difficult.”

Once Upon a Mattress marks Reichelderfers eighth and final show.

“I’m really excited to make this my best role since I probably wont be continuing theater in college,” Reichelderfer said. “It’s been a really great time being in the shows and I cant wait to make my last time amazing.”

Ritter portrays Princess Winnifred, a brash and unrefined princess from the marshlands who has come to marry Dauntless, much to Queen Aggravains dislike.

“I think she’s very tomboyish and she’s not your typical princess,” Ritter said. “She’s from the swamps, and she has pet frogs, and I love her outgoing personality and her constant energy. I like to think I’m a lot like her.”

Ritter can’t wait for audiences to hear her favorite song, Song of Love.

“Prince Dauntless sings it to Princess Winnifred and it’s really cute,” Ritter said. “Prince Dauntless just told me that he likes me, but then he told me that he loves me. We act like two fifth graders that have little crushes on each other.”

Once Upon a Mattress opens Tuesday to Gold Card holders only. Student tickets are sold for 10 dollars. Performances run until Sunday afternoon.

Photos of the performance courtesy of www.lehighvalleylive.com