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‘Pokémon Go’ catches on at Emmaus


After 74 days as the top-grossing app, the game that got everybody talking fell its perch on Sept. 20, but ‘Pokémon Go’ still remains popular with some students in Emmaus since its launch July 6.

‘Pokémon Go’ — the game that easily became the most popular app of the year in which players catch different types of Pokémon and train them to battle other gamers — quickly set five world records since its release.

Clash Royale replaced ‘Pokémon Go’ as the top seller for Apple’s U.S. app store last week..

Since it was first launched in the U.S and Australia, ‘Pokémon Go’ was the most downloaded game in the Apple App Store in the first month of release. The game was downloaded more than 130 million times, further making it the most internationally most downloaded game.

Most players in the game love it because it’s a new way to meet friends and gets your adrenaline going.

Emmaus junior Sarah Boehm played the game for a while with her friends.

“Me and my friend one night during the summer went to the Macungie park,” Boehm said. “ It was like 9 at night, and I wasn’t supposed to be there; that’s what made it exciting.”

Junior Ethan David thinks the game is great for friendships and he even thinks that that’s why the game got as popular as it did.

“I enjoy how they recreated a game for new players to learn about Pokémon,” David said. “ I also think the game helps people meet new friends and have better friendships.”

The Pokéstops landmarks pop up in a great number of public places. When players spin the picture of the landmark in the game, they acquire useful items such as poke-balls and potions. Pokéstops are part of what make ‘Pokémon Go’ so original and unique.

Some of the Pokéstops could be stores or important landmarks around the area.Some of the people who own them have made players pay to uses their location and some circumstances some spots have banned Pokémon catching.

The game can also be very dangerous, according to Driver’s Ed teacher Lisa Wells.

“From what I hear people are driving or walking around in town,” Wells said. “They are not watching where they are going, this is absolutely dangerous  because they could walk out into traffic, or if people are driving, they could cause a crash.”

People enjoy this because they can look back on old memories and create new ones.

Junior Meghan Ackerman, a junior, used to play the Pokémon card game with her brother when she was younger.

“I grew up watching Pokémon,” Ackerman said. “ I often played the game with my older brother and I enjoyed it a lot.”

There are some serious Pokémon players. Junior Logan Kline classifies himself as one of them.

“I played the game right when it came out,” Kline said. “ I am currently on level 21 and play the game in my free time.”

When playing the game there can be some funny moments that you have with your friends.

“Me and my friend went to Hersheypark during the summer, and at Hershey there are tons of Pokestops,” Ackerman said. “There were so many that it stopped my Wifi from working, which then caused my phone to freeze. My friend was laughing at me the whole time. We thought it was so funny.”

Feature photo courtesy of Hunter Gerhardt.

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‘Pokémon Go’ catches on at Emmaus