EHS students host Germans


Recently, Emmaus High School students hosted 13 German exchange students as a part of the German-American Partnership Program.

The Germans, who attend Freiherr-vom-Stein-Realschule in Rahden, arrived March 11 and took part in a variety of activities during their stay. On their first day at EHS, students and staff held a welcome breakfast for the GAPP participants, and afterwards, Hornet ambassadors showed the German students around the school’s campus. The students then experienced a typical school day as they followed their host student from class to class.

Throughout the rest of their time in Emmaus, the Germans attended school with their host students and engaged in outings organized by their host families and the school. They went on a hike, visited Lancaster and Bethlehem, and participated in a cooking night as well as a tour of Emmaus, among other activities. After staying in Emmaus, the German students and their teachers visited New York City for two days.

Social studies teacher and GAPP coordinator Dawn Laubner felt excited to have the German students here.

“I very much believe in the power of exchange,” she said.

The German students, who visited America for the first time, hoped to improve their English skills while experiencing American culture and everyday life. Two years ago, FVS Realschule students also participated in the GAPP exchange program with EHS students.

German student Monique Uhlig’s feelings about America changed as her visit progressed.

“In the early days, everything was so big and had to understand all the initial difficulties,” she said. “The first weekend I did not know how I should conduct myself then I found that every day great.”