“What are the odds” takes over EHS


Kyle Carraher

IMG_4173The latest sensation sweeping Emmaus High School can be defined by a common phrase you hear in the hallways: “what are the odds?”

“What are the odds” is a game played by many, and the goal is to try to get your peers to do obscene tasks. The game begins when someone asks someone what are the odds you do something. The person who was asked then responds with a number between one and 50 based on the level of difficulty of the task. You then countdown from three and both say a number that is between one and the selected number. If both say the same number then the person who was asked the question has to do the task.

The game adds much excitement to repetitive things that you have to do in your everyday life.

Junior Ryan Fritz knows this well as he is one of the most accomplished veterans of the game.

But if you play with fire, eventually youll get burned. Recently he lost four “what are the odds” in a row to wear this outfit.