Emmaus Scrubs basketball court


Katie Mest

Throughout the winter months one sport dominates the talk of the halls, and its not one for which you can earn a varsity letter.

Senior Tyler Kish lives for Scrubs, and everyone knows him for it. He took the role of commissioner for the 2015-16 season and added his own flare to the league.

We made it a lot of fun, and I had a lot of fun, Kish said. I made a website [leaguelineup.com/scrubs] this year for it, and I keep stats of all the games. I put them on my website and do a little Youtube interview with players on that winning team that have scored a lot of points and get their opinions on it.

Scrubs basketball has increased in popularity since Emmaus first started making teams six years ago.

Senior Mitch Sterkenburg just finished his third year playing Scrubs.

My dad created the league six years ago when my brother was in high school, Sterkenburg said. I was introduced to it in the seventh grade. I just wanted to be involved and make a team as soon as I could.

Each year those in the program aim to attract new players and make the season even better than the last.

Both boys have dedicated a great amount of time to the scrubs program.

Each game starts at 9, and Mitch and I are usually up until 11 or 11:30, sometimes later, putting all the stuff in, Kish said. It was all worth it this year. There were 18 teams, 96 games, and we went to every single one.