Woofstock returns to Allentown


Tabitha Nowak

Back for its sixth year, the Allentown Woofstock came to Cedar Beach Park recently for a day filled with dogs.

Families around the area congregated at the fair and were met by activities, food, and live classic rock music. Contests ranging from the best pet trick to Allentown’s Grooviest Dog were held on the main stage. Vendors lined the pavement, selling treats, food, outfits for dogs, and other accessories.

The event’s proceeds went towards two great causes: the construction of a proposed dog park and to animal rescue organizations.

“Knowing that there’s a good cause and that it’s fun for me and benefits the dogs [was the best part],” says junior Catelyn Fitzgerald, a volunteer at the event.

Games such as Doggie Basketball, an event where pets try to drop a tennis ball into a laundry basket, rewarded the contenders with treats and toys.

“It gives the dogs an opportunity to run around and have fun,” said Fitzgerald. “owners really connected with their dogs.”

The Woofstock Facebook page posted their appreciation for those that participated and contributed towards the cause the day after the event.

“Our sincere thanks to everyone who came out for the 6th Annual Allentown Woofstock. We hope you & your furry friends had a wonderful time!”