Humans Of EHS: Tyler Pospischil (P3RK)


Photo courtesy of Pospischil.

Dani McQuiston, Contributor

This previously ran in our February 2022 print issue.

Everybody has a passion, something you’re always in the mood to do, something you could do for the rest of your life. For Senior Tyler Pospischil, that passion is creating music.

Pospischil — or P3RK as he’s known on SoundCloud — started making beats in seventh grade, but didn’t begin releasing music until ninth grade. Despite this, he’s harbored an interest in music since he was a child. He attributes his initial fascination to second grade, when his father bought him a ukulele. Since then, he has made himself familiar with playing piano and creating beats electronically.

Most people in high school don’t get a real shot at turning their passion into an actual career so early, but Pospischil’s outlook seemed different after he first started releasing music in ninth grade.

 “One song got 30,000 views, then I thought maybe I could actually do it,” Pospischil said. “I knew if I never tried I would regret it.”

Pospischill works as a lone producer, taking control of every step of the process from concept to release. He writes and sings his own music, then edits it on his computer using special software. Then, when he thinks the song is finished he releases it on SoundCloud.

He has also found a way to make some money amidst the creative process. Pospischill creates his beats on his computer, and uses those to bring in some extra cash as he sells them to other small music creators. 

As some artists may find they’re at a loss for ideas, Pospischil finds inspiration from his ADHD, drawing on it to produce his music.

“My brain is constantly moving, there’s always a lot I can say,” he said.

He also takes inspiration from other artists such as Kanye, Osquinn, and Yeet, using them as a stepping stone for his own style. 

Pospischil draws on experiences that are happening in his life and what he’s feeling as well. Like many others who have a special passion, music gives Pospischil a voice to articulate his feelings and let out his emotions. He says he uses music as a tool to distract himself, but also as an outlet where he can express himself, all while incorporating his creativity.

Pospischil hopes to turn P3RK into a career path in the future and produce his own music on a larger scale. 

He claims that there was nothing that really sparked his interest like music does. 

“Everything else just gets boring after a while,” he said, “I want to do something I really love. If I don’t love it, what’s the point?”

With one final thought about what music is to him, Pospischil reflected on his drive to keep producing music.

“It’s addictive, like video games. It’s a video game you can never beat, but you just keep getting better at it,” he said. “Oh, and stream P3RK by the way.”