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Brianna McClain overcomes major setback

Photo Courtesy of Brianna McClain

This story previously ran on our October 2023 print issue.

Brianna McClain is known to give off radiant energy to students and staff.

McClain, senior at Emmaus High School, is an impactful EHS student especially after overcoming a major setback that shortened her sophomore year lacrosse season. She is involved in many activities in school including: lacrosse, tennis, PALS Club, Pediatric Cancer Club, and is the secretary of Kid to Kid.

Kid to Kid is a club that educates students on the proper decision in certain circumstances and helps to better the community. McClain adores the club since she is an upbeat girl who enjoys making others happy. She feels it is a struggle to keep up with all of her activities, but she has to keep herself busy.

“I like to book up my schedule until I have no space left,” McClain said. “I feel like it gives me more of a purpose and it drives me to do my best in every aspect of my life.”

In McClain’s freshman year, she was very club-happy, meaning that she wanted to join every activity that she could. She has been this way since middle school. Her favorite club is PALS Club, which stands for Peers Assisting Learning Support. It connects peers with or without learning support through various activities. She joined the club as a freshman and has been a part of it ever since.

“It lights up my day when I see people from there in the hallway. I love interacting with all of the learning support kids and getting to know them personally,” McClain said.

McClain is passionate about the clubs and sports that she is involved in.

Lacrosse has major impact on her life. Even through the ups and downs, she has had an immense amount of love for lacrosse since she was 5-years-old. Lacrosse has been McClain’s passion and top priority for a large portion of her life. McClain continues to keep a positive mindset even when things aren’t going her way, especially in lacrosse.

During her sophomore year, the 2022 lacrosse season, she underwent a devastating event. McClain attended a party with substances present, which she got caught up in. Afterward, she was suspended from the lacrosse team for the remainder of the season. McClain had to sit the rest of the season out, which occured the same year that her teammates won districts. This situation was extremely difficult for her because she was on the sidelines during every game, watching her teammates celebrate with each other knowing that she couldn’t be out there playing with them.

“Even thinking about not playing makes me very emotional,” McClain said.

This obviously brought her a lot of sorrow, but she kept pushing herself to have a brighter outlook even when she wasn’t able to be on the field with her teammates. McClain had her support system through it all, which helped her face not being able to play anymore and come to accept the consequences. She learned from her mistakes and pushed through.

“I could not have gotten through it without my parents, my friends, and ultimately my faith, because that was the real determining factor,” McClain said.

As much as her family and friends helped her through this tough time, her religious beliefs were the real reason that she was able to get through it. Her faith helped her realize that everything happens for a reason, even if it isn’t her first choice. It opened her eyes to focus on improving for herself and for her future teammates.

McClain expressed her dedication to the team by showing up to support them at every game, and while it hurt her to watch her teammates play, she knew it was right to show up for them. She persevered through and has a positive outlook on life in general. McClain represents enthusiasm and commitment to all the clubs and sports that she partakes in. Overall, she has been through both good and bad, but she hasn’t given up on the things she loves.

“I find it better to be overly happy than just always looking down on yourself,” McClain said. “The things that happen to you, and looking for that better way out.”

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