National Cake Day: a dessert disaster


Rachel McQuiston

Throughout history, many slight insults and snubs have been tossed around to, well, anything. However, there is one mockery that cannot be ignored. It is perhaps the biggest slap in the face in all of American history, and that is meant with absolutely no exaggeration.

The beloved and popular Thanksgiving holiday will be tainted this year by the addition of National Cake Day, which will be falling on the exact same date, Nov. 26.

Why is this such a disrespect? Well, as any ordinary human would know, Thanksgiving is famous for being a day abundant with delicious pies. And, well, cake is certainly not a part of typical Thanksgiving tradition.

Now, cake is great and all, but it creates a great debacle when interfering with this sacred American holiday. How will enjoying a nice slice of pumpkin pie be the same with the knowledge that Thanksgiving is contaminated with the dessert of cake?

Junior Blaise Kollar feels passionately about this catastrophe.

“How can you possibly have time to bake a cake when you’re going to be busy baking a pie also?” said Kollar. “Why can’t National Cake Day be on the day before Christmas?”

Junior Hailey Child agrees with Kollar, and sees this occurrence as disheartening.

“It’s super disappointing,” said Child. “It’s just a disgrace to pie. I refuse to pick between the two.”

However, junior Ashley Waldraff sees the positive side to this fiasco.

“I don’t think it’s too bad because you can have pie and cake on the same day,” said Waldraff.

Lucky for the average, turkey-loving American, Thanksgiving and National Cake Day will not always fall on the same date. This relief makes the unofficial holiday of National Cake Day somewhat enjoyable, seeing as it will not always pose as a mockery to the delicious pie.

Whether you decide to keep it traditional with a slice of pie or branch out with your favorite kind of cake, make sure to eat all you want… remember, calories don’t count on Thanksgiving.