Sweet options for your sweetie: local options for your chocolate needs


Rachel McQuiston

With Valentine’s Day here, it’s easy to get intimidated when picking out the perfect, yet personal gift for a significant other.

Whether the relationship has been two weeks, two years, or two decades, the “Perfect V-Day Gifts under $100” sign at the local makeup store can be worrisome to the mind (and wallet.) So if the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Pallet valued at $49 isn’t doing the trick, there’s no need to worry just yet. Luckily, real chocolate always seems to be the ideal Valentine’s Day treat for anyone.

But before you  jump to conclusions, Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in the shape of a heart wrapped in pink packaging does not qualify as Valentine’s material. Unfortunately, a quick run to the local CVS may not satisfy a high-maintenance significant other’s desire for superior candy. Valentine’s Day chocolate requires character, precision, and, unfortunately, a bit more than 99 cents.

However, that is not to say V-Day requires a whole paycheck worth of money from an after-school job. With local chocolate shops such as Josh Early Candies and Premise Maid Candies, affordable, yet quality, chocolate is easy to obtain for Feb. 14th. Both companies are close to Emmaus, and both specialize in making authentic chocolate and other desserts that are sure to please even the most prestige chocolate lovers.

With two locations, Josh Early Candies has been a family-owned business since the early 1900s and has dedicated itself to producing credible candy ever since. On their website, Valentine’s candy and gifts range from $3.50 to $65, making it nearly impossible to not find the absolute best present.

Premise Maid Candies in Breinigsville has been serving chocolate lovers for over 30 years. Since they opened, Premise Maid has evolved into a small, village-like store with a Chocolate Shoppe, Bakery and an Ice Creamery. Their Valentine’s candies range from $3.95 to $8.95, and their Valentine’s candy boxes range from $2.95 to $29.50.

With two local chocolate shops that have comparable products and prices, some may see the decision for the perfect gift just as complicated as before. However, many students at Emmaus feel passionately about which company better suits their personal preferences.

Freshman Johnny Singley favors Josh Early Candies “because it tastes better and they have more choices there.”

Senior Mary Wang agrees; she also likes Josh Early Candies over other brands.

“I prefer Josh Early chocolate to Premise Maid chocolate,” Wang said. “I especially love the nonpareils from Josh Early candy.”

However, Freshman Selayne Keenan disagrees.

“Premise Maid is better I’d say,” Keenan said. “They have a better selection and the texture and consistency is better.”

On the other hand, some students such as freshman Nya Trupp have no preference. Chocolate is chocolate, and “they all taste the same.”

No matter your preference, both Premise Maid and Josh Early have been serving delicious and authentic chocolate to the Lehigh Valley for decades — and they certainly make a better gift choice than a plush teddy bear.

Photos courtesy of top workplaces.com and familyvacationcritic.com